1. What is the mileage of each section of the trail?
    • The Saltsburg to John Rangos section is 8.5 miles, and the Export to Trafford section is 9.3 miles.
  2. How do I become a member of the trail?
    • Fill out the paper membership copy found here or on our Facebook page and mail it in, or pay online using PayPal here.
  3. How can I become a volunteer/trail monitor/trail ambassador for the trail and/or get involved?
    • Attend one of our meetings! We meet the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Check our website or Facebook page for the location announcement.
  4. I’d like to host a 5k/run/walk/bike event on the trail; what is the process for getting that approved?
    • You must fill out the trail use application (located here), and return it with requested insurance documentation to Leslie Pierce at the Regional Trail Corporation. She will review the application and pass it along to the WHT Chapter.
    • Due to the increasing number of requests to use the trail for events, we have determined that the maximum size of an event will be limited to 200 participants or less. Each group is also responsible for arranging their own event parking with local businesses and road crossing safety with local law enforcement. Proof must be provided of these two items before approval for the event will be given.
  5. Graffiti Policy (adopted by the WHT board on 6/7/22)
    • Adopted 12/2020 by the Regional Trail Corporation
      Graffiti on trail property should be removed as soon as possible and coordinated by the trail
      group responsible for maintaining that trail section. If instances of graffiti are reported to the
      Westmoreland Heritage Trail, the appropriate trail group will be notified immediately. When
      painting over graffiti, the color of the material surrounding the graffiti should be matched as
      closely as possible. Color-matching should be performed only under dry conditions. The color
      matching should be done prior to acquiring any paint. Once color-matching has been done, the
      color number or name should be provided to the Westmoreland Heritage Trail for reference in
      case of repeat vandalism in the same area.
    • Adopted 5/2022 by the Regional Trail Corporation
      For the purposes of this policy, graffiti shall be defined as the unauthorized marking, by
      individuals or groups, of trail structures, facilities, or other property owned or maintained by
      the Westmoreland Heritage Trail or its trail chapters or councils of the RTC. Marking is defined
      as painting, drawing, writing or otherwise leaving a permanent mark or leaving items affixed to
      property of the Westmoreland Heritage Trail or its councils and chapters of the RTC.

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