Our mile markers are officially installed! Members of the board and volunteers worked through the heat on Tuesday, August 28 to install the posts. Below are a few pictures from the day. Thank you to everyone who was involved!

Phase IV of the trail is slowly but surely progressing! Here are some volunteers helping to finish the recently completed bridge located near Marlee Acres and just west of Haymaker Farm Road. It was completely 5/26/18.


Some winter pictures from along the trail. You never know what nature will surprise you with!

Pictures from the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Murrysville to Trafford section:

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Volunteers helping in various ways:

Before and after photos of Turtle Creek’s bank along sections of the trail where the Westmoreland Conservation District completed a streambank stabilization project to benefit both the integrity of the trail and water quality of the creek.

These are pictures from 2013 and 2015 found on the blog of the Murrysville to Trafford section of the trail before its completion into the new section of the Heritage Trail. See if you can find any of these before pictures’ locations on your next ride on the trail!