Interested in becoming a member of the trail and getting more involved?

Join today and pay online through PayPal. There are many options from one year to lifetime memberships for individuals and families.

One-year Individual Membership


One-year Family Membership


One-year Non-Profit, Group, or Organization Membership


Ten-year Individual Membership


Ten-year Family Membership


Lifetime Individual Membership


Lifetime Family Membership


Paying by mail?

Click here for a printable membership form that can be mailed in if you would prefer to send the form and money through standard USPS mail.

Are you a 10-member who would like to become a lifetime member?

The WHT Board recently approved a motion to allow 10-year members to upgrade to lifetime membership at a reduced rate, depending on how many years of membership have elapsed.  For both individual and family 10-year memberships, the conversion cost to become a lifetime member will be:

  • In year one of the 10-year membership, an additional $60
  • In year two of the 10-year membership, an additional $70
  • In year three of the 10-year membership, an additional $80
  • In year four of the 10-year membership, an additional $90
  • In year five and beyond, an additional $100

You can use the “Make a Donation” icon above to pay your conversion fee, but be sure to add a note stating that you are paying for a membership upgrade.  If you are not sure what year your 10-year membership is currently in, you can contact the WHT secretary (whtsecretary at

Why should you join?

  • Funding: Although the trail is built with large grants from government and private foundations, the trail is a non-profit entity. Ongoing maintenance and small improvements are coordinated and funded by local volunteers. Membership fees and fundraising events coordinated by members (volunteers) are what pay for maintaining the trails.
  • Local Support: In order to expand the trail network, large grants from government and foundations are needed. These entities want to know that future trails are supported by their local community. A large membership demonstrates that the trails are wanted and supported by volunteers.
  • Volunteers: Along with financial support, volunteers can donate their time to the trail by helping to promote, maintain, monitor, and raise funds to support trail efforts. Trail members make up the majority of these volunteers.
  • Support of Rails to Trails: A portion of membership fees go to the parent organizations (Regional Trail Corporation, Allegheny Trail Alliance) which helps to coordinate new trail development.
  • Pride of Ownership: Becoming a WHT member gives the individual a stake in the trail, knowing they are doing something positive to make a better community.
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