Website Revamp!

After many years of excellent use, we have retired our original website for the one you see here. A giant thank you to all who helped maintain the website!!

Though we are newly revamped, you will notice that much is the same. Most of the content is pretty much the same as was on the original site. The menu layout of pages has changed somewhat, but not too much. And, there’s still some transferring to do! But, things were good enough to make the switch…so here it is!

This was approached as a step-wise adventure (yes…it has been a bit of an adventure).

Step 1 was to basically port the existing site to a new web host (we are now using Hostinger instead of and to move to a more modern look and feel. We are still using WordPress, but moving to Hostinger allowed us much more control over the WordPress installation and cost quite a bit less.

Step 2 will be to get an online store up and running. It is already mostly ready – but we are going to wait until after the PokerRun registrations end before making that move! I’m sure there will be issues, and doing that in the middle of PokerRun online registrations would be a bad idea.

Step 3 will be an ongoing effort to make bigger changes to the site – basically taking the ported site and updating different parts to continue to improve!

Stay tuned!

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